Richlite- 1" Thick SOLID COLOR Sample Packs

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Options: Sample Pack 2- (3) sheets 1" x 5" x 11.75"
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RICHLITE- 1" thick solid colored block/sheet sample pack

Paper based phenolic laminate material similar to paper micarta.

Richlite is made from 100% recycled paper

Sample pack 1 includes:   (2) 1" x 1.5" x 5" blocks each of Maple Valley, Black Diamond and Blue Canyon for a total of 6 blocks.

Sample pack 2 includes:  (1) 1" x 5" x 11.75" sheet each of Maple Valley, Black Diamond and Blue Canyon for a total of 3 sheets.

Richlite is a great material for knife handle scales, pistol grips, fretboards, and many other uses.

Impact resistant, durable, stable, water resistant, easily machinable, American made.

Working with Richlite:

When sanding/grinding Richlite you will need to work at moderate speeds with fresh, sharp abrasives.  Well worn sanding belts at high speeds will likely cause burn spots on the lighter colored material.    Fresh abrasives at slower speeds will give you a nice clean finish without burning the material.  


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