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Dichrolam- Burl Textures

Dichrolam is the highest tech, most optically complex, most visually dynamic and viewer interactive composite laminate in the world. It is what the gemstone opal would look like in sheet form.  This material is comprised of over nine
different polymer layers laminated in three separate proprietary lamination steps with a clear resin over the top. It has a metallic appearance and appears to change colors as you look at it from different angles.  

Although the Burls appear metallic, they have no metal in them. The reflectivity comes from the dichroic nature of the core film in which light wavelengths that are in phase with the tuned "stack" pass through and the wavelengths that are out of phase reflect back like polished metal.

Dichrolam materials have been used in a variety of applications including luxury sports car interiors, custom guitar faces from some of the top luthiers in the world,  architectural/furniture like MTV's 17 foot conference table which is topped with Black Sea Dichrolam and more.  

For the first time ever it is now available in a machinable form and we are excited to bring it to the maker community.