Raffir Scandinavian Chef Series Blade Blank- VEGETABLE Knife- Stainless Damascus

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Vegetable Knife Blade Blank

Style:  Nordic Hidden Tang

Steel:  110 Layer Stainless Damascus- 440C/N690- Cloud Pattern with Raffir Logo

Finish:  Etched and Polished

Hardness:  59-60 HRC

Blade Length:  2.95"

Width:  .67"

Thickness:  0.087"


The blade is designed by Raffir product developer Michael Sort Mouritsen in cooperation with both dedicated foodies and professional chefs. 
The design draws inspiration from the functionality of both Japanese and European knife blades. Meanwhile, the lines are drawn with inspiration in the soft curves of the Danish landscape. Thereby, the result is an original and functional Scandinavian blade design.

Steel Type

The blade steel type is high alloy stainless Damascus steel. Since this is a solid high quality steel type there is no need for harder core steel. This blade is precision CNC full flat grinded from a solid bar of beautiful high alloy Damascus steel.
The two steel types that make up the pattern of the blade are 440C and N690 high alloy. 

Available Models

There are five models in the Scandinavian Chef blade series. First, we have the large 250mm chef knife for cutting the big roast. Secondly, there is the wide Chopper, which is perfect for slicing vegetables. We also kept the bottom corner of the edge sharp to make it perfect for peeling smaller fruits and vegetables. The small chef blade is an all rounder in the kitchen. It is suitable for at variety of foods and sizes. If you only want one knife in your kitchen (yeah right…), this is the one we recommend. Finally, we have the two smaller models: the Utility knife and the Vegetable knife.  The Vegetable knife is designed with a short and slim blade to improve the user dexterity when cutting and cleaning smaller fruits and vegetables.

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