Poplar Burl- Stabilized Wood- Dyed RED- Various Sizes

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Size: .25" x 1.5" x 5.2"
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Raffir Woods-Stabilized Poplar Burl Wood

Size:  Various Sizes Available, Select from options.  

Listing price is for 1 set of scales (2 pieces) or 1 block.  

Color:  Stabilized w/ Red resin

*Photos are the representative scales/block all cut from the same master block. The actual scales or block you receive may vary slightly from what is pictured but will be similar.    

There may be small voids in the wood that can be filled in with Epoxy/CA glue.

About Raffir Stabilized Wood

Our Raffir Wood is a high quality brand of stabilized wood.  In our experience in working with it, the quality of the Raffir stabilization process is as good as any other in North America.  Raffir has more than 20 years of experience developing and producing stabilized wood. It is created from fine wood that they fill to the core with a specially developed resin. The final material has the fine grain patterns of the untreated wood. Meanwhile, it obtains the mechanical benefits from the strong resin. In other words, it unites the best parts from both worlds.

Variations and properties

The finished material maintains the unique grain patterns of the untreated wood. Meanwhile, it obtains mechanical advantages from the strong resin compound. Raffir Wood is stabilized in various colors such as: black, brown, red, yellow, purple, lime, green, orange and natural. Raffir stabilized wood has high durability and can obtain a high gloss finish after polishing. It absorbs very little water after the treatment, and will have very low swelling and shrinkage at different humidity. Therefore it will not warp and crack as easily as untreated wood. The material has a smooth surface without parosities and needs no other finishing than fine sanding and polishing.

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