DymaLux Cutoffs- Various Sizes and Colors- 12 lbs

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Each box will include a variety of DymaLux cutoffs weighing approximately 12 pounds.  These will mostly be end pieces from panels and will be best for segmented scales, small knives or other small woodworking projects.  

Sizes:  These pieces will typically be 2-3.5" wide by 10" long although there will be other sizes mixed in.  Due to the way the grain runs on these it is best to cut them crossways so that the pieces will end up 2-3.5" long x whatever width you cut them.  It is much stronger that direction and the pieces may be bowed slightly the other direction.  

Thicknesses may range from 1/4" -3/8"  

Each box will contain approximately 10 lbs of DymaLux.   

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