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Dichrolam- "Red Burl"- Various Sizes - Maker Material Supply
Dichrolam- "Red Burl"- Various Sizes - Maker Material Supply
Dichrolam- "Red Burl"- Various Sizes - Maker Material Supply

Dichrolam- "Red Burl"- Various Sizes

Red Burl
Listing price is for 1 slab of material 

*You may machine it down as thin as .11" but should not be done thinner than that as you risk grinding into the dichroic laminate and compromising the look of the material.*

Color Pattern:  "Red Burl"- red, black, blue, teal

What is Dichrolam?

Dichrolam is the highest tech, most optically complex, most visually dynamic and viewer interactive composite laminate in the world. It is what the gemstone opal would look like in sheet form.  It has a depth and color array unlike any material we have seen before.  This material is comprised of over nine
different polymer layers laminated in three separate proprietary lamination steps with a clear resin over the top which brings out the incredible colors. It has a metallic appearance and appears to change colors as you look at it from different angles.  

Working with Dichrolam:

Cutting- Cut with the back side up(black side) to eliminate the risk of delamination from the resin.  Use fine tooth blades or diamond blades for best results.

Shaping/Finishing- use sharp belts and abrasives for best results.  Finish similar to other resin materials.  Sand to high grit and then final polish with automotive heavy cut compound(something like Meguiar's 105), slow RPM's on foam pad, NOT high speed cotton wheels with wax stick compounds.  The top resin is clear so you want that to be polished for optimum appearance.

Temperature-  This material is not suitable for frequent extreme temperature variations.  Avoid putting in dishwasher or thermal cycling at extreme cold temps.  For best results you may use a liner to provide an insulating layer between steel and Dichrolam.  If larger temperature variations are anticipated, use fasteners without epoxy to attach the Dichrolam.



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