CPM 154 - Stainless Blade Steel Flat Bar- Various Sizes

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Thickness: 3/32" (.103-.113")
Width: 1.5"
Length: 12"
Sale price$22.49


CPM 154

Stainless blade steel

This steel is hot rolled, annealed, descaled and ready to be ground. Descaled bars are sandblasted to a uniform grey matte finish.

The thickness of the bars are oversized 10-20% to allow the steel to be machined to the desired finished dimension decarb and defect free.  For example, 3/16" bars will actually be .207-.227" thick. Thickness ranges for each size are shown in parenthesis in the dropdown menu.

CPM-154 is a CPM processed version of 154-CM providing a more even distribution of carbides, which greatly enhances attributes of already popular precursor, 154-CM.

CPM-154 is easy to grind and polish like its predecessor, as well as having improved toughness and corrosion resistance. The more even, finely distributed carbide structure relates to finer, thinner edges and greater wear resistance.

 Manufactured in the US by Niagara Specialty Metals.



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