Stainless Damascus San Mai- 304+AEB-L w MagnaCut Core- BLIZZARD Pattern- by Futuron Forge

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Size: 0.16" x 2.13" x 5.12"
Sale price$295.00


Stainless Damascus San Mai by Futuron Forge

Core: CPM  MagnaCut

Outer:  304 + AEB-L stainless steel

Pattern- Blizzard

Sizes: Choose from options

This listing is for a raw billet of stainless damascus san mai and not a finished blade.


#HardCOREfuturon is stainless damascus steel with MagnaCut, Elmax, CPM154 or AEB-L cores. MagnaCut, Elmax and CPM154 are high-end powder steels with an excellent grain structure and properities. Sides from austenitic-martensitic damascus make an excellent contrast between the layers. #HardCOREfuturon damascus excels in high visual contrast, together with corrosion resistance, sharpness and durability. Produced in different patterns, this steel is soft annealed for smooth processing.  This material is suitable for all knives or cutting tools where you require extreme durability and aesthetic qualities.


Stainless Damasus with Crucible MagnaCut core. MagnaCut is a groundbreaking American-made powder metallurgy stainless steel for knives. An excellent combination of toughness and wear resistance makes it a great choice for small folders, choppers or kitchen knives.


  • San-Mai layered MagnaCut core stainless Damascus
  • Composition of outer layers: AISI304 + AEB-L steel
  • Soft annealed
  • High contrast etching
  • Hardenable up to 62 HRc
  • Ultimate for knife blades and other cutting tools

MagnaCut Core stainless damascus flat. Linear layering - Blizzard pattern. 3 alloys. Two-sided perforation. Core status: A/B 100%. 

Datasheet (PDF)

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