Raffir Mammoth Fusion- GREEN- Mammoth Ivory- Slabs & Blocks

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Size: .41" x 1.1" x 1.9" (1 mini block)
Sale price$24.99


Raffir Mammoth Fusion 

Compressed and Stabilized Mammoth Ivory

Color: Green

Sizes: Choose from options

We cannot ship any mammoth ivory products to the following states:  CA, HI, IL, NJ, NV, NY and Washington DC.

Please check your state laws before purchasing.  Here is a link that may help:



*All pricing is per single piece.*

Each block/slab will have a unique pattern and may not match exactly to the picture shown in the listing. If you order multiple slabs/scales and would like them bookmatched, please add a note to your order and we will make sure they match. 

Raffir Mammoth Fusion is made from pure genuine mammoth Ivory.  It is processed in multiple priming stages before it compressed under immense pressure and stabilized with Raffir's proprietary industry best resin stabilizing processes.  This produces a material with all the classical characteristics of mammoth Ivory in colors and structures but served in standardized dimensions easy to work and process.

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