Juma Gem YELLOW- Scales and Blocks

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Size: 3/16" x 1.95" x 5.5" (2 pcs)
Sale price$19.59


Juma - Gem Yellow

Listing price is for 1 set of scales (2 pieces) or 1 slab/block of material. Choose from options.

Sizes:  Scales, Turning Blanks & Blocks.
Color/Pattern:  Gem Yellow
*Each piece of this material is unique and the pattern in each set of scales may be slightly different than what is pictured*

Juma Gem, a new high-quality material, specially designed for inlay works and also works very well for knife handles, pistol grips and more.  A very fine structure allows even the smallest inlays. Juma Gem is not translucent, therefore more intense color retention even in dark embedding.  No limits for your creativity with this new color variety.

JUMA is a high grade, modern raw material for the manufacture of components and works of art. JUMA consists of a mixture of different mineral base materials compounded with a resin component. It is also FDA approved.   

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