Epoxy Coloring Pigments by System Three- Various Colors- 2 OZ

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Color: Black
Sale price$16.50


Epoxy Coloring Pigment

Brand- System Three

Pigment Color: Black, Brown & White 

Size: 2 fl oz. (60 mL)

Listing is for 1 bottle of epoxy pigment.

Clear epoxy adhesives and coatings can be colored easily. We offer concentrated pigments, dispersed in epoxy resins, which can be added in any quantity.

Add the dispersion to the epoxy resin (Part A), then measure that mixture in the proper proportion with the hardener (Part B). If added according to these suggestions, the colored pigments will not detract from any of the properties of clear epoxy.

Epoxy Pigment Concentrates do not mix with WR-LPU Topcoat or SilverTip Yacht Primer.

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