Colored G10 Tubes- 1/4" x 13"

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Color: 12 pc Sample Pack- 1 of each color
Length: 13"
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Colored G10 Lanyard Tubes

Outside Diameter:  1/4"

Length:  13" 

Wall thickness:  .035-.045" (wall thickness will vary somewhat within each tube and may not be uniform in thickness all the way around each tube.)  

Colors:  Black, Jade Green, OD Green, Blue, Orange, Desert Tan, White, Red, Coyote Brown, Neon Green, Grey, Yellow

Listing price is per piece except for the sample pack option which will contain 1 of every color.  

Please read before purchasing:

Some of the colors may not be a perfect match with the other g10 rods/liners/sheets that we carry although they will be very close for the most part. Specifically, the yellow, neon green and red tubes are brighter colors than the other g10 that we carry.  Also, the jade green color is a solid/opaque color and not translucent like natural/jade g10 usually is.  

These tubes are made with unidirectional glass fibers and not woven glass mat so they can splinter and fracture similar to pultruded carbon fiber tubes if you are not careful when cutting.   It is best to use something like a diamond cutoff wheel on a Dremel to cut them but they can be cut with a fine toothed bandsaw blade if done carefully.  We recommend a sharp blade in the 24 tpi range if using a bandsaw and tape around the cutting area with masking tape/painters tape before cutting.  

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