Brisa CARVER 150 Blade Blank- Stainless Steel

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Brisa Knives of Finland Blade Blank

Model-  Carver 150

The Brisa Carver 150 knife blade is one of the more affordable options in the Brisa blade blank line and is designed for use in the kitchen or grille and makes a great knife for carving up your favorite cuts of meat. 


Blade length- 5.9"  

Blade Width- 1.14"

Blade Thickness- 0.087"

Overall Length- 10.23"

Tang hole diameters- This blade has a 1/4" hole for lanyard tube, 2x 5/32" holes(the two holes nearest the blade) and 2 holes that will fit 3/16" pins or fasteners(1/4" Corby Bolts or 3/16" pins)

Steel Type- Sandvik 12c27 Stainless.

Grind- Flat

Condition- These blades are ground, heat treated, sharpened and etched with the Brisa logo.  

Brisa Knives of Finland is well known around the world for their quality and craftsmanship.  After frequently being asked by our customers if we could begin carrying blade blanks, we wanted to be able to offer a product that would truly reflect a premium level of quality.  There's an infinite selection of cheap, low quality knife blanks on the market today and when you finish one of those you still have a cheap low quality blade with a nice custom handle on it.  With these Brisa blades, once you are finished you will have a premium high quality knife worthy of the time and effort put in to finishing it with your own custom handle.  


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