BLACK Fiberglass/G10 Solid Round Rod Bundles- 1/8", 3/16" or 1/4" Clearance / Blemished

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Size: 1/8" x 13" (10 pieces)
Sale price$4.99


Fiberglass/G10 Solid Round Rod

These rods are extruded rods and not turned rods from g10 sheets like our other g10 rod listings.  These are extruded using linear glass fibers and epoxy resin similar to how our carbon fiber rods are made.  They need to be worked using slower speeds and the ends may fray when cut but can be ground smooth.  

Blemished / Clearance-  These rods may have small cracks/voids/or tiny pin holes in the center.  The cracks do not go all the way across side to side so structurally they are fine for using as knife handle pins or other projects.  If you sand them down, put a drop of thin CA glue on the end and then sand again they are almost invisible and might appear as a very slight scratch in the end of the rod if you look close enough(See before and after pics in listing).  

Diameters:  1/8", 3/16" & 1/4"

Lengths:  13" per piece

Colors:  Black

Listing price is per 1 bundle of (10) 13" pieces of a single size.  


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