Bear- Mosaic Knife Handle Pin

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Size: 6mm(.236") x 4"
Sale price$13.99


Bear Custom Mosaic Knife Pin

Outside Diameter-  Available in 6mm (.236") or 8mm (5/16")

Length- 4 inches

Can be used as a solid pin or sliced into thin pieces for inlays.

Materials- brass outer tube, brass bear and black resin. 

For custom knife making, inlays etc.  

Listing price is for a quantity of 1 ea 4" inch piece. 

If you need a 6mm or 8mm drill bit to drill the correct size hole for these pins, we have those available on the website.  In some materials, a 5/16" drill bit will work fine for the 8mm size.  In materials like micarta where the holes tend to "close up" slightly after drilling, an 8mm drill bit will be required.

Link to Drill Bits:

6mm & 8mm Drill Bits



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