Screws for Loveless Bolts- 6-32 & 8-32- BRASS and STAINLESS STEEL

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Material: Brass
Size: #6-32 x 1.5"
Quantity: 10 pcs
Sale price$3.99


Screws for Loveless Bolts

Used for Loveless Bolts for knife handles.  

Threads:  6-32 (fits the 1/4" OD Loveless Nuts/Barrels), 8-32 (fits the 5/16" OD Loveless Nuts)

Materials:  Brass or Stainless Steel

We have a separate listing for the 1/4" and 5/16" round nuts/threaded barrels that you will need for Loveless bolts.  You have to add those to your cart those separately. This way you can mix and match the materials and quantities you would like and we can offer quantity discounts so that we can provide a much better value than selling individual Loveless Bolts.  

 Click here to see threaded nuts/barrels for Loveless Bolts


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