Brisa BIGMUK Sheath

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Side: Bigmuk Sheath
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Brisa BigMuk Knife Sheath

Brisa Bigmuk sheath  is designed for the Brisa Bigmuk knife(for the standard sized Nessmuk you need the Nessmuk 125 sheath). The knife sheath is made out of 3mm thick European leather. Dyed in a beautiful brown tone that and equipped with the standard Brisa multipurpose hang loop. The sewn is made out of tick braided tiger thread, sewn in a double stitch to last a lifetime. Two eyelets, one at the top and one at the bottom allows the sheath to be securely attached to backpacks and other hunting gear.

Brisa sheaths are made of high grade ox hide. A welt in the seem prevents the blade from cutting the thread, adding stability to the sheath. Brisa Knives of Finland is well known around the world for their quality and craftsmanship.   After frequently being asked by our customers if we could begin carrying blade blanks, we wanted to be able to offer a product that would truly reflect a premium level of quality.  

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