SAMPLE PACK- G10 Knife Handle Liner- .06" x 1.5" x 5.5"- MULTICOLOR- 8 pairs

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Sample Pack
G10 Liners
Thickness:  .06" (+/- .002")
Size:  1.5" x 5.5"
Multicolored liner sets.  One side will be one color and the other side will be another color giving you the look of having 2 colored liners without having to glue up two colors.  Saves time, mess and money

Color combinations:  

Black(.03")/ Cherry Red(.03"),

White(.03")/ Cherry Red(.03"),

Black(.03")/ Cobalt Blue(.03"),

Black(.03")/ White(.03"),

Black(.03")/ Acid Green(.03"),

Black(.03")/ Hazard Orange(.03"),

Black(.03")/Mellow Yellow(.03")

Red(.02")/ White(.02")/ Blue(.02")

Listing price is for 8 pairs(1 set of each color combo) of G10 liner material

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