Our goal is to ship all orders within one business day and well over 99% of orders in the last 2 years have shipped within this timeframe.

For most orders we offer a variety of shipping options including USPS First Class and Priority Mail, UPS and DHL(international orders only).

We understand the frustration of receiving a package with damaged or missing items. In order to prevent this, we pack everything as securely as possible with no loose items, sharp exposed edges etc.

If ever there is an issue with any order or items purchased from MMS we will do whatever is required to correct the problem as quickly as possible.

We will gladly ship orders worldwide and have shipped orders to every continent except Antarctica.


Covid19 Intl Shipping Update

Due to shipping issues caused by Covid, we have limited shipping to most international locations to UPS or DHL services.  Although these services are typically more expensive than USPS they are also more reliable and faster.  We hope to add more USPS Intl shipping options in the near future as we become more confident in the reliability of their services.