FIRE Glow Carbon Fiber- by CarbonWaves

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Size: 1/4" x 1.5" x 5"
Sale price$77.00


"Fire" Glow Layered Carbon Fiber Scales
CarbonWaves Premium Void Free Luxury Grade Material
Thickness:  1/4" (may be slightly oversized)
Size:  Choose from options.
Color:  Black with "Fire" glow layers (fire color is red in normal light and glows orange and sometimes has a greenish tint to it).
11 total layers with 5 layers of fire glow
Uses:  Knife scales, pistol grips, jewelry, ring making, edc gear etc
This is not your average carbon fiber material.  CarbonWaves(aka TurboCarbon) materials are the highest quality, most unique and beautiful carbon fiber materials available to makers and artisans. Guaranteed to be void free.    
One side has a glossy finish and the other side has a matte finish.
Developed and manufactured in The Netherlands.   
*photos courtesy of Carbon Waves*

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