Crosscut Canvas Micarta- Natural- Jumbo Blocks and Scales

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Size: 3/8" x 2" x 5" (scales)
Sale price$24.00


Old Stock Crosscut Canvas Micarta

Color: Natural

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These blocks and scales are great for larger handled knives where our standard 1.5" wide pieces may not work.  

These pieces are crosscut off of a 2" thick sheet. There will be some surface machine marks on the flats from cutting.  Also, there is some color variation within the sheet these are cut from so they could be somewhat lighter or darker than the image.  

We are not certain of the manufacturer of this micarta as there was no label on the sheet.  It is not brand new as it was surplus material from an aircraft manufacturing plant so we do not know exactly how old it is but it does not appear to be super old.  

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