Dark Matter GREEN GLOW- Marbled Carbon Fiber by FAT Carbon

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Size: 1/4" x 3" x 6.25"
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FAT Carbon Materials

"Dark Matter" Marbled Carbon Fiber

Color:  Green Glow-  The resin glows green in the dark after charging w UV/sunlight but is opaque in daylight and is not green in daylight.  

About the product:

Fatcarbon® Forged Carbon Fiber “Dark matter” composite materials are made using recycled carbon fiber rowing, biobased epoxy resin, organic pigments, and it is forged under high pressure and heat using only renewable energy. The final result is an incredibly looking, lightweight (1,5g/cm3), durable forged composite. The possible applications of this material are endless – from knife scales to watch cases, jewelry, EDC gear, and much more…

  • Same look throughout the entire thickness
  • Good mechanical properties, excellent for drilling, milling, sanding.
  • Resistant to all cleaning agents, oils, greases, weak acids, degreasers.
  • Can be polished or clear-coated for brilliant color effects

Made with carbon fiber and epoxy

Price is per piece.  

Heat cured for long term stability and durability.

FAT Carbon Materials makes some of the most unique and high quality carbon fiber materials available for makers and artisans.  

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