Vintage Paper Micarta- WALNUT BROWN- Various Sizes

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Size: 1" x 2" x 5"
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Vintage Paper Micarta
Color:  Walnut
Size:  The thickness on the piece these are cut from is 2".  If you order a 1" block it will be 1" wide with the layers on the 2" side.  
This appears to be a phenolic material  made with layers of very coarse paper which gives it a unique appearance.  There are (16) 1/8" layers which make up this 2" thick block and give it a stacked leather look on the side.  It polishes up beautifully to a rich dark walnut color.  It is a very hard material that will not absorb moisture.
**Please note that due to the fact that this is old material, there will be some surface scratches and other possible imperfections.  **
We do not know the exact age or manufacturer of this "micarta".  It came off of a very old workbench that had been used in a machine shop for decades. 

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