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TeroTuf- GREY - 3/8" Thick - 1 Sheet- Various sizes - Maker Material Supply

TeroTuf- GREY - 3/8" Thick - 1 Sheet- Various sizes

Knife Handle Material
Color:  Grey
Thickness:  3/8"(.375 inches) 
Sheet Size:  5" x 12 1/4" or 12 1/4" x 15"
Listing price is for one sheet of TeroTuf.

TeroTuf is a composite material made from polyester resin and fabric.  It is most comparable to canvas micarta (CE grade phenolics).  However, TeroTuf has several advantages over micarta.  First of all, polyester is not hazardous like phenolics are and there are no glass fibers like with g10 (it is still recommended that you always wear a respirator when sanding or grinding any composite materials).  TeroTuf is more shock absorbent than micarta, g10 or carbon fiber and  also provides a superior grip similar to rough sanded canvas micarta but produces a better grip than canvas micarta when wet.  It is an electrical insulator and rated for temperatures up to 200F.  It is also lighter weight than micarta or g10 and easier to machine.  

TeroTuf does not buff to a fine finish like you might be able to do with micarta and is typically left with a rough finish.  It is a great option for use on hard use edc knives, choppers, axes etc where weight, grip and shock absorption are important.

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