Fordite/ Detroit Agate- Single Slabs - Various Sizes

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Size: 3/16" x 1.5" x 4.4" (1 piece)
Sale price$18.99



Single Slabs

Price is for 1 single slab of material.  If you would like a set of knife handle scales you will need to order 2 pieces.

Size:  Select from dropdown

Fordite, which is also known as Detroit Agate, is a byproduct of automotive manufacturing factory paint processes.  It is made of layers of colored automotive paint which build up over time which are then removed and can be used for knife handles, pistol grips, jewelry, rings, pens and more.  

The photo shows a sample of these pieces and each individual piece will be unique and may not be exactly like what you see in the images.  The colors will vary from piece to piece.  

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