Desert Ironwood- Knife Handle Blocks- Various Sizes

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Size: 1.1'' x 1.5'' x 5.0'' -B7
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Desert Ironwood

Knife Handle Blocks

Size: Blocks-Various sizes

Color: Differs from piece to piece. The pictured piece is the actual piece you will receive (choose from drop down menu).

About Desert Ironwood: The tree known in the U.S./Mexico borderlands as desert ironwood or palo fierro is one of many woody legumes found in washes and hillside drainages in the Sonoran Desert. The wood of the Ironwood is one of the hardest and heaviest woods in the world. It is remarkably resistant to rotting, perhaps because its heartwood is rich in toxic chemicals that make it essentially non-biodegradable. Ironwood trunks can persist for up to 1600 years. Desert Ironwood is perhaps one of the most highly-regarding of all woods in knife-making, with its density, stability, and grain patterns and colors creating a unique combination of characteristics that’s ideal for decorative handles. It’s also favored for carving by the indigenous Seri people now living in the state of Sonora in Mexico. (And because of it’s high thermal value, the wood is also cut and used as charcoal.)

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