Crosscut DymaLux- "Skateboard" Laminated Wood Knife Handle BLOCK-1"x1.5"x5"

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Crosscut "Skateboard"

Size:  1" x 1.5" x 5" (each piece)

Listing price is for 1 block

Color:  "Skateboard"- alternating layers of various bright and natural colors. 

We had this color combo custom made for us to replicate the look of real skateboards.  This DymaLux material is much more durable and tough than the actual recycled skateboards.

Resin Infused and Dyed Laminated Wood

This is a very durable material that takes on a beautiful finish.  Great for knife handle scales,  jewelry, rings and more.  

-Made with layers of Birch wood which are dyed and laminated together and then infused with resin(stabilized)



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