Richlite- HOOD- Knife Handle Blocks & Sheet- 1" thick

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Size: 1" x 1" x 5"
Sale price$8.99


RICHLITE Multicolor- Hood

Paper based phenolic laminate material similar to paper micarta.

Richlite is made from 100% recycled paper

Color: Hood-  With the outer surfaces of Blue Canyon and alternating layers of Maple Valley, Richlite’s Hood color creates a dynamic look. The layers of Blue Canyon will first appear as a dark cobalt blue and darkens toward navy, eventually becoming midnight blue, while the contrasting Maple Valley layers appears a pale, amber color and over time will darken to a  sienna.

All of these are crosscut off of a 1" thick block of material.

Thicknesses: 1" (may vary slightly +/-)

Block Sizes: 1" x 1" x 5", 1" x 1.5" x 5", 1" x 1.20" x 5"

Sheet Size: 1" x 5" 11.75"

Listing price is for one 1 block, OR 1 sheet.

Richlite is a great material for knife handle scales, pistol grips, fretboards, and many other uses.

Impact resistant, durable, stable, water resistant, easily machinable, American made.

Work slowly with sharp abrasives.  Well worn sanding belts at high speeds may cause burn spots on the lighter colored material.  

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