Red Resin Carbon Fiber- Knife Slab .28" x 2.9" x 5" BreezyWaves- 1 Slab

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CarbonWaves Carbon Fiber

Listing price is for 1 Slab

Red BreezyWaves Carbon Fiber plate material, ready to be used for knife scales or other products. Made from carbon fiber fabric. 

One side has a glossy finish and the other side has a matte finish.

Size:  .28” x 2.9” x 5”

This Carbon Waves Breezy Waves material has been produced from layers of carbon fiber with alternating layers of glass fiber and has a colored resin to give a beautiful coloring effect to the material so that once machined and contoured it will expose and the individual layers of carbon fiber really well! Guaranteed to be void free. The rich vibrant colors used really make the material pop and bring out your design and shape very nicely. The very dense pure high quality of the material will allow you to detail and polish the material any way you want for a perfect result!

Developed and manufactured by hand in The Netherlands.   

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