Vintage Linen Micarta- Crosscut Single Line- Butterscotch & Brown

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Size: .22" x 1.4" x 4.75"
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Crosscut Vintage Linen Micarta with black line.

Color:  Dark brown linen with single black on sides(black lines are hard to see due to darkness of material) and single black line butterscotch down the center.

These scales are made in house at MMS using 2 different types of old vintage single line linen Micarta which were laminated together into a block using premium Blade Pro epoxy and then crosscut into scales.  

***This is the first batch of this we have produced and there are some tiny gaps in places between the 3 layers of materials and therefore these sets are being sold at a discounted price.  These can be filled in with thin CA glue before working and should be just fine.  Use a liner for added strength.***

Size:  Choose from options

Listing is for one set of scales (2 pieces). Or 1 block.
We are not certain of the exact age or manufacturer of this material.  

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