Build Your Own Tilting 2x72 Grinder- PAINTED & ASSEMBLED- By Brodbeck Ironworks

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Drive: No Drive
Mareko Platen: No
Adjustable Tool Rest: No
Sale price$1,914.99


The chassis is painted & assembled ready to use complete with 10” flat platen and over-sized fixed work rest. This includes aluminum wheels: 2” Platen, 4” Tracking, and 5” Drive with 5/8” bore (other sizes can be requested at an additional cost).

The Chassis is set up for a NEMA 56 and 145 face mount motor up to (base mount is no longer available). We cannot provide support for a motor that was not purchased through Brodbeck Ironworks. Please contact the manufacturer for any electrical questions.

Single Speed Option:

1.5 HP 115/230V 1-Phase 60 HZ 12.6/6.2A 3600 RPM TEFC

Includes on/off switch, junction box, wiring, and connectors.

Variable Speed Option:

KBAC 27D VFD 115V (household voltage) or 230V single phase input. 230V 3-Phase output (115V input reduces motor output from 2HP to 1.5HP). Variable Speed Wiring Kit includes start/stop switch, wiring, and connectors.

2HP 60 HZ 6.2/2.9A 3600 RPM TEFC

Variable Speed Wiring Kit includes on/off switch, wiring, and connectors. 

NO assembly required.

Chassis arrives painted.

2-3 week lead time on unpainted grinders / 3-4 weeks on painted and assembled grinders. Free shipping in US. Currently NOT available for shipping outside of the US. 

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