8670 High Carbon Blade Steel Flat Bar- Various Sizes

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Thickness: 3/32"
Width: 1.5"
Length: 12"
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8670 Blade Steel 

High carbon nickel alloy blade steel

This steel is hot rolled and annealed and ready to be ground or forged.  

8670 is commonly used for manufacturing industrial saw blades and makes a very good, tough knife steel.  It requires a simple heat treat and is a great choice for those looking to grind or forge a high quality blade without the requirements of a complex heat treatment.

**Please Read:  unlike our other steel, the 8670 bars are laser cut so there will be a very thin(.005" thick) hardened edge on the bars.  You can grind this off before working or cut through it.  We are able to cut through thick stacks of this steel with the hardened edge without problem on our bandsaw.   

Made in America

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