Copper Camo- Carbon Fiber Slab- 1/4" Thickness- 1 Piece- Fat Carbon

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Size: 1/4” x 1.75" x 6.25"
Sale price$29.99



 Fat Carbon Materials

"Copper Camo" Carbon Fiber

This color pattern has alternating layers of unidirectional carbon fiber with layers of copper infused epoxy giving it a unique patterned look.  It is similar to the former "uni-gold" carbon fiber except with a more random pattern.

Thickness:  1/4" (.25 inches)


1.75" x 6"

3" x 5"

5" x 9.25"

Made with unidirectional carbon fiber and epoxy

Price is per piece.  

Heat cured for long term stability and durability.

This material is amazingly beautiful and has a chatoyance and shimmer that is hard to show in photos. 

**Due to the nature of how this is made, one side will show the pattern but the other side will need to be ground down to reveal the pattern.**

Fat Carbon Materials makes some of the most unique and high quality carbon fiber materials available for makers and artisans.  


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