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Chatoyant Carbon Fiber- "Wild Ribbon Flame"- .42" x 1.5" x 5.5" - Knife Scales- #M - Maker Material Supply

Chatoyant Carbon Fiber- "Wild Ribbon Flame"- .42" x 1.5" x 5.5" - Knife Scales- #M

Chatoyant Carbon Fiber
Wild Ribbon Flame + Holographic
Listing price is for 1 set of scales 
Size:  .42" x 1.5" x 5.5" (each scale)

*The pattern does not go completely through the scales so if you plan on thinning these down significantly you would want to thin them from the back to preserve the pattern on top as much as possible.  They can still be contoured and shaped as you normally would with knife scales and maintain the pattern.  


What is Chatoyant Carbon Fiber?

Chatoyant Carbon Fiber is made using a proprietary process to create carbon fiber layers molded perfectly to recreate exotic wood figure like Quilted Maple, Flame Maple, or Bee's Wing Mottle, among others.  

Chatoyant Carbon Fiber products are produced in a number of molded fiber shapes and colors; each with a unique ability to replicate the effect of top 5A grade figure. The products are produced in both a resin filled single layer, for projects such as surfacing panels, and also in a thicker solid multilayer for 3D shaping and polishing into knife handles, pistol grips, or fretboard stock.


  • Chatoyance is greater than figured wood, with higher contrast due to the purity of the carbon fiber.
  • Requires no finish, as the void free solid carbon fiber polishes to higher luster than Ebony; or a film finish can be added for an unbeatable look on the final product.
  • Has equal CTE of wood, with zero longitudinal expansion or contraction, yet will move slightly with wood substrates tangentially.
  • Can be direct glued to nearly all substrates.
  • Inlay cavities can be milled into it, then inlaid with your material of choice, then sanded flush if necessary.
  • "Bright" resonance, which can be adjusted.
  • Stiffer than steel, lighter than Ebony, creating a superior finished product.


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