Multicolor TruStone Slabs with Black Resin- 1/4" x 1.75" x 6"

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Multicolor TruStone Slabs cast in Black Resin

Size: 1/4" x 1.75" x 6"

Color: Multicolor w/ Black Resin

 A variety of trustone pieces cast in black resin. The trustone pieces are chosen at random and might not be in the exact order or variation as the picture shows. 

*sizes may vary slightly from piece to piece

Listed price if for 1 slab of Multicolor TruStone

There may be some machine marks on the flats of each piece

We strongly recommend gluing the slab to a liner material before working it in order to provide more strength and durability.  

What is TruStone?

This beautiful material is made from natural stone ores which are crushed, pigmented and then stabilized in acrylic resin.  This creates a material which is vibrant and beautiful mimicking real precious stones while providing the strength and stability to ensure that it will be durable and easier to work than precious stone materials.  

Working with TruStone:

Although this is a durable material it may be brittle especially any corners or sharp edges.  Use sharp abrasives and work slow for best results and to avoid overheating the material.  Sand to a high grit and buff for optimal finish.  It is best to cut with a diamond blade.

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