G3 Bayonet Blade Blank- Made by Eickhorn Solingen Germany- 1 blank- ES5

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Model- G3 Bayonet

Manufacturer- Eickhorn Solingen, Germany

Price is for 1 blade blank.


Blade length- 6.5"'  

Blade Width- .9"

Blade Thickness- .195"

Tang Length- 4.5"

Steel Type-  unknown

 Condition- These blades are ground  to shape with bevels, holes drilled and heat treated.  These blades do NOT have a logo/makers mark stamped on the blades and they have NOT been coated/parkerized and they do not have guards. The blades do need to be sharpened.  Overall they are in good condition considering their age, however, they have been shipped halfway around the world and stored away for decades in crates so there may be some wear/scratches from the blades rubbing against each other in the crates and there may be some minor corrosion/rust spots on some of them.  These blades were coated in oil before being stored away so there is discoloration of the steel from the oil but it protected them from an major corrosion.  

History- The G3 was first developed in the late 1950's.  Variations of the G3 were manufactured by various companies and used by a variety of military groups around the globe.  We do not know exactly when these particular blades were made but was likely in the late 1970's.  

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