Tasmanian Blackwood-Knife Handle Blocks-Professionally Stabilized-Various Sizes

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Size: 1.3'' x 1.4'' x 5.1''- B1
Sale price$40.00


Stabilized Tasmanian Blackwood

Size: Blocks- Select Variant

Color: Differs from piece to piece. The pictured piece is the actual piece you will receive (choose from options).

***Stabilized professionally by K&G Stabilizing

About Stabilizing: Stabilizing has many advantages. Stabilizing allows the user to use a piece of wood/material that normally may be too soft or fragile to be used. Stabilizing will minimize or totally eliminate; shrinking, cracking, expanding and warping. Stabilized wood/material will not absorb water, impervious to oils, will not produce a raised grain when sanded and polished.

About Tasmanian Blackwood: The origin of Tasmanian Blackwood is Tasmania and Australia. Blackwood is an acacia wood species that is sometimes compared to Hawaiian koa, another acacia species. Its tonal range is similar to both koa and mahogany, featuring a strong midrange focus that is dry, clear and warm, with a splash of top-end shimmer and richness comparable to Indian rosewood.  Tasmanian Blackwood is also sourced from forests that are responsibly managed, making it a sustainable wood for artisans and makers alike.

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