Hitachi Blue Paper Steel #2 Billet- .177" x 1.18" x 20.75" Japanese Blade Steel

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Hitachi Blue Paper Steel No. 2 
Construction:  Solid Blue Paper steel billet(not laminatated)
Composition:  High Carbon Steel with 1.1-1.2% Carbon, .1-.2% Silicon, .2-.3% Manganese, .2-.5% Chromium, 1-1.5% Tungsten
Size:  .177 inches thick x 1.18 inches wide x 20.75 inches long
Price is for 1 bar of steel.
Working: can be ground as is or forged.  
Heat Treat:  instructions will be provided with each bar.  It is a simple HT process.  Oil quench.   
This is some of the finest Japanese blade steel and is great for making knives, woodworking tools etc.  
White paper steel(see other listings) is extremely fine grain takes a razor edge and makes great kitchen knives.  Blue Paper Steel is tougher, has better edge retention and is better suited for more hard use applications.
**Listing is for a Blue Paper steel bar and not a finished blade blank**


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